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We have the only Canaan Dogs living in the Tidewater Virginia Beach area . If you would like to learn more about Canaan Dogs just give us a call.  We would be glad to share our knowledge about this fascinating  breed

To contact us:††

Rosalie & Dr. Joseph Steinberg

Call (757) 481-0870

Cell (757) 713-0870

Email: canaandogs@cox.net





Our love for our Canaan Dogs is all encompassing, which means that we share as many common experiences as possible with them including taking them anywhere they are welcome. Although they are crated daily while we are at work, they share our living quarters at all other times.

Since Canaan dogs are a natural breed, many of their actions reflect pack behavior. We therefore  subscribe to Caesar Milanís philosophy, which emphasizes, in the following order of importance, "exercise, discipline and affection". This assures that the dog will  clearly understand his position in the pack and respect you as pack leader. Additionally, being educators we believe there is great benefit to be derived by Canaan Dogs from participation in training sessions and related activities. We have found this regimen to be extremely effective in maintaining well-adjusted, docile dogs. 

With all this said, they love people and can be trained by someone who understands their nature. They are independent and easily bored, but they learn quickly if  they are effectively motivated. They can be manipulative with an owner who is not a strong pack leader. They are highly intelligent, independent thinkers who can be quite endearing, humorous, docile and obedient if all of the above important factors are taken into account. These are not dogs that can be taken for granted.  Many of their actions are instinctual and adaptive for a wild life-style indeed that has a great deal to do with their allure. In general, people with dog experience are better at understanding and dealing with these behaviors. First time dog owners, however; are not necessarily precluded from being owners and in many cases would grow from the experience..