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Dedicated to the Preservation of Canaan Dogs from Generation to Generation
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Did you know that Canaan Dogs......


Are the primordial dog.

Were taken from the wild in 1935 and continue to be selectively collected from the Negev Desert

Were accepted into the AKC in 1997 in the Herding Group

Excel at Herding, Tracking, Rally, Obedience,  and Agility.

Have natural good health

Are naturally clean

Require extensive early socialization

Need lots of exercise

Are territorial 

Can be aggressive towards other dogs

Will love and protect their family

John Kennedy Jr. owned a Canaan Dog named Friday


Inquisitive, loyal and loving with his family, the Canaan Dog is a breed that moves with athletic agility. Today, he is successful in the herding, obedience, agility and conformation arenas. This breed has two color patterns: either predominantly white with a mask, with or without additional patches of color, or solid colored with or without white trim.

“AKC Breed Standard”




AKC Breed Standard


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