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Dedicated to the Preservation of Canaan Dogs from Generation to Generation
Text Box: Dedicated to the Preservation of Canaan Dogs for Future Generations

Izzy was bred by the world renowned breeder of Canaan Dogs Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai Kennels). Myrna is the most respected and admired breeder of Canaans in the world. Her dogs enjoy an international reputation and are highly sought after by knowledgeable Canaan Dog owners and breeders. Her knowledge and experience are so widely recognized that she was a subject of a National Geographic Special. Izzy is only two generations removed from free ranging stock. We believe his genetic contribution will add to the fitness and soundness of domestic Canaans Dogs.

We will never forget the sight of a three-month-old puppy peering nervously out of his travel crate. We were so pleased and couldnt help but smile at the sight of his ears. They were enormous. Myrna had called from Israel to let us know that a potential buyer had changed his mind about wanting this puppy which she called the pick. And here he was, a puppy version of his famous grandsire Bayud, once a free-ranging dog of the Negev Desert. Izzy has more than fulfilled our romantic notion of a natural, beautiful, intelligent Canaan Dog. He is sweet, very attached and attuned to our moods. He enjoys a variety of activities including rally classes, trips to the beach, and rides in the car.  His absolute favorite time; however, is our daily two-mile walk. He could go on forever. At night he keeps our feet warm and gives us a feeling of security. He loves children of all ages, in fact he loves people in general, but his wild side does not permit him to love every dog. It would be hard to imagine life without him.


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Ro & Joe Steinberg

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Why is Izzy is so special?  You see, Izzy came to us from Israel and in many ways represents the essence of that nation strong and self-reliant. We drove 8 hours and spent another five waiting in the car until his flight finally arrived.